Vehicle specifications

Length: 3920mm
Width: 1960mm
Height: 1250mm-1750mm (lowest – highest position)
Wheelbase: 2670mm
Weight: 1600kg approx.
Engine: 7000 cc
Power: 505hp
Torque: 640Nm
0-100 km/h: 3.8 sec (est.)
Top Speed: 300 km/h (est.)
Ride height variation: 500mm

The Korres P4 is a true all terrain vehicle utilizing a suspension design based on the principle of wheel interdependence. The Korres P4 suspension system maximizes the potential this principle has to offer, featuring:

  • Front-to-back and diagonal wheel interconnection
  • Ability to mechanically raise or lower the ride height according to the terrain ahead, whilst moving, with the use of a lever in the cockpit
  • Adjustable overall suspension stiffness when altering vehicle ride height (low=stiff, high=soft)
  • Unmatched off-road capabilities (for a vehicle with 4 regular-sized wheels)
  • Reliable and robust mechanical interconnection of wheels through pushrods, levers and flexible units, without the use of electronics or hydro-pneumatic systems

The suspension design’s benefits as proven by tests, are:

  • Excellent ability to absorb bumps and offer a very smooth ride and great control on extremely uneven surfaces
  • Precise wheel tracking on extremely rough and uneven terrain
  • Massively increased grip on slippery or loose surfaces
  • Extremely high level of axle articulation (suspension flex)
  • Little roll when cornering
  • True sports car handling when fully lowered
  • Very forgiving vehicle dynamics

The whole driveline, including the gearbox-driveshafts-halfshafts and the overall layout, is designed by us in order to complement the suspension’s unique ability to provide increased traction, high speed and extreme off-road driving. Its main features:

  • Ultra-compact manual synchronized 6-speed gearbox
  • 3 different final ratios, normal (long ratio w/overdrive), sports (medium ratio) and “trial” (extremely short ratio).
  • All-wheel-drive (AWD), with optional locked 4WD
  • Optional rear-wheel drive only

The whole driveline design has proved to be incredibly efficient with only 11% power loss in AWD mode, as proven by tests on the dyno.

The result is an everyday car that can be driven fast, easily and safely, providing a unique driving experience in all fields of action!